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Statically generated websites are a great option for first business website

Sun Jun 16 2019

Statically generated websites are a great option for people looking to establish their personal or business identity online quickly. Statically generated websites are based on a good old HTML and CSS files, but also has minimal aspect of a content management system (CMS) which saves you from writing all your HTML pages by hand.

In the case of statically generated websites CMS features only exist on your local computer before the website is generated. On the downside, this means that every time content is changed the website needs to regenerated and uploaded to the server again. On the upside, since output of a generator is static HTML and CSS files, the website can be hosted very cheaply with maximum performance and security.

In contrast, starting with full content management system (CMS) increases startup costs and requires much more technical expertise to get the website up and running. In many cases, the most important thing for a new business or a blog is to get their name on the internet as quickly as possible and start testing out the customer/reader interest. Statically generated websites are a great starting option and content can always be migrated to full CMS once business needs dictates a demand for more features.

There are many static site generators to choose from. My advice would be to choose the one requiring the least amount of setup or configuration. I would also put priority to generators written in Python or JavaScript, because its very easy to install Python or NodeJS environments on any computer.